Where can I find a service manual for my fork/shock?

Click “Product Manuals” and “Service Guides” at the top of this page.

Do you have elastomers for my fork?

We no longer stock elastomers but here is a web site that does: http://www.suspensionforkparts.net/

What size mounting hardware do I need for my bike?

Mounting hardware is unique to your frame. Contact the bicycle manufacturer and they will provide the necessary dimensions.

Where do I get my fork/shock serviced?

United States: Non-Warranty Service Only Dirt Labs: 720-213-4742 (CO) Garage Works: 760-966-1048 (CA) Shockspital: 888-871-2711 (MN) Canada: Warranty and Service Smithtech: 778-987-6827 (BC) Website: http://smithtechbike.com S4 Suspension: 450-504-1148 (QC) Website: https://s4-suspension.myshopify.com/ Australia: Non-Warranty Service Only NS Dynamics: 07-3393-0562 Website: http://www.nsdynamics.com.au/ For a warranty inquiry within the US, please contact our techsupport line at (888-686-3472) or email us at techsupport@hayesbicycle.com