• Dorado MRD Kit

Dorado MRD Kit


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During high-demand riding, the lubrication can create vapor, which increases the pressure of your fork and results in a firmer feel. Using our TSR technology, this kit allows you to relieve that pressure to reduce resistance and improve the stroke of the fork. (TSR is push button on Dorado Pro.) PN: 141-32409-K001 • Volume compensator improves mid-stroke support without overcompensating ramp-up of the end-stroke of the fork.• IRT Infinite Rate Tuning allows independent mid stroke and end stroke bottom-out control.  IRT Details • Reduces the main air-spring pressure, allowing for a more supple stroke while maintaining end-stroke independently. • Features Evil Genius 2 Seals

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Dorado MRD Kit Set-up Guide


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